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Ewert Leaf is distinguished by its commercial approach to design. We carefully manage the balance between creativity and practicality to create innovative yet pragmatic design solutions which are contemporary yet enduring.

To ensure this balance is maintained, we test our designs against both cost indicators and aesthetic benchmarks and encourage an open dialogue with both consultants and clients. Working together with our clients, we strive to ensure that fresh ideas and contributions from all parties can flourish within an inspirational, supportive and pragmatic environment.

Our commitment to continuous professional development ensures that we remain at the forefront of industry advances, which enables us to provide the best possible design solutions for our clients.

Our clients are our partners.

The client is seen as an intrinsic part of the design team and this collaborative relationship is vital throughout the life of the project. As every project is unique, we establish an open dialogue with our clients in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of their needs and aspirations. Our flexible approach allows us to work with each client with an open mind, and enables us to effectively respond to changes as the project progresses.

Ideas must be tested.

Ewert Leaf employs rigorous problem solving and investigative techniques when developing design solutions. We see design constraints, both budgetary and site specific, as opportunities for innovation, and we explore a variety of solutions from different viewpoints. This analytical methodology results in bespoke concepts that are highly sophisticated and which directly respond to the specific requirements of each project.


Established in 2009, the firm is led by two directors, Toby Ewert and Will Leaf. The firm has grown considerably since its inception, with the team delivering projects across a range of sectors including multi residential, residential, hospitality and commercial. The firm’s expertise in landscape and interior design, in conjunction with traditional architectural services, enables us to approach each project holistically and provide one point of contact for clients.

Our services include:

Feasibility & Town Planning Studies
Architectural Services
Interior Design Services
Landscape Architecture Services


After 18 months in development, Ewert Leaf has launched a new web app, Landchecker. This innovative online tool enables purchasers to perform due planning diligence on a property before they invest. Anyone can purchase a property report for a given address and discover all relevant planning controls, such as zones, overlays, schools, bushfire and flood-prone areas and places of cultural sensitivity. Property professionals can go a step further and subscribe to Landchecker Pro, which provides access to interactive maps and unlimited reports.

Our developments

Ewert Leaf is not only an architectural firm. The directors are also developers, who conduct their own multi residential projects throughout Melbourne. As a result, Ewert Leaf understands the commercial realities of a project, not only the architectural elements. The firm has a proven record of successfully marrying award winning design with commercially astute projects which continually sell out. Our expertise in town planning across all councils enables us to conduct in depth feasibility studies which inform the nature of the design from the outset. This not only results in schemes which push the design envelope, but which offer developers the best return on investment.



The Ewert Leaf Incubator is an ideas generator for fresh ideas and products relevant to our industry. Each quarter, team members present a new concept designed to solve an issue, improve an existing solution or provide a new experience. Problem solving is a critical part of the design process at Ewert Leaf and this program encourages the team to overcome constraints and limitations through innovation. The Directors allocate resources each month to further develop and prototype the best concept.