Dominique Portet Winery

Coldstream, VIC
Ben Portet

Dominique Portet’s historical wine-making past is captured by a contemporary interpretation of French Provincial interior spaces.

10th generation wine maker Ben Portet appointed Ewert Leaf to design a contemporary flexible wine tasting experience complete with bistro and viewing platform.An open plan restaurant floor maximises views to the vineyard.
The finishes palette is light and earthy, a contemporary interpretation of French Provincial styled interiors. Rustic terracotta flooring contrasts against white rendered walls reminiscent of traditional French farmhouses. Linen, leather and timber add warmth and texture through soft furnishings and furniture. Tonal secondary palette references rosé, red & white wine defining intimate private dining and lounge areas. Moody lighting within private dining areas denotes an intimate destination within the open floor plan design.
Comfortable upholstered lounge seating entices patrons to visit the winery during the cooler months.

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