Juno &

Camberwell VIC
Henry Honner

A dark and narrow space has been transformed into a light and uplifting café characterised by organic forms and natural materials.

Juno and May were two cows that the owners milked as young country boys in order to earn some pocket money. As a result, the design harnesses the fluidity of the natural environment by using blonde vertical timber punctuated by a curving teal cut. This not only softens the rectilinear space but also creates movement and texture. Steel windows reflect the industrial aspect of farm life, as does the concrete bench which is tempered with a layer of timber.

The static nature of the original space meant that the rear portion of the café was uninviting and under utilised, thus the design sought to create multiple spaces by using partitioned banquet seating which runs along the length of the café and leads patrons to the raised dining area at the rear. Pendant lighting above the bar and wall sconces adjacent to the banquets also create compartmentalised spaces which break the long, narrow site into inviting pockets.

This play between light and shade is continued in the private dining room upstairs, which features a wall which casts geometric shadows through the use of raised, diagonal battens. This project was a collaboration with Samantha Eades.

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Indoor Seats: 73
Outdoor Seats: 0

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